Polarr Photo Editor App Reviews

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good photo app

best app for picture edit ! easy way to manage my photo and provide so much filter end effect,highly recommend.

Useless new interface

Guys, please. Before update i was able to do my stuff in a few clicks. Now all menus are closed and I’m struggling clicking all the buttons.


Great app but when I imported new photos all the other ones that I had stored there were deleted without telling me. If I had known that by importing new photots that all the other ones would be deleted then I never would have done that.

Loving it so far

I haven’t even been playing around with it for very long, but it’s super easy to navigate and learn. The ability to infinitely ‘Undo’ is pretty great. All in all, amazingly helpful especially for a FREE app!

small but powerful

i am so surprise of this app’s size and powerful feature.It is just 3.5M but i found i can use it to make my photo become more beautiful.It contain a lot of filters and also provide a way for me to adjust the color light of photo.Highly recommend to everyone who like to take photo and will do some postprocessing

good picture manager

It’s such a good app for photo management ! It provide so much filter featurer for picture edit! I can adjust all my photo files just with this app,fantastic!

A Masterpiece

this is exactly what i was looking for!!! it does its job perfectly!! Thanks

Simple to use

Simple and easy-to-use interface which is surprisingly powerful. More than just presets, you can also adjust sliders for more direct control. No watermarks on the output images in this lite version which is nice. There is also a pro version of this which can be purchaes to get more features, but the free features are decent.

great app

application nice and helpful, eager manufacturers develop more applications. thank you

Photo editor

A free Photo Editor…WOW easy to use …. My photo’s are going to make me look like a pro.

Really good,

Overall, its a fantastic photo editor for the price. At only free cost, you cant really complain given the features. But more than that, its really, really good. Its not perfect. I would like to see automatic lens correction, and maybe some finer control over things like sharpening, but again, its free. If youre a Photos user it makes a really superb companion. Im not sure if theres any justification for someone who uses another photo editor, but the speed and responsiveness of it make an interesting alternative.


Photo very beautiful and very easy to use, I can do many things through this app is very convenient for me and my life thanks

amazing FREE photo editor for beginners

Beautiful application to practice photo editing, has a wide rande of specificity to peak all of your curiosity and help you learn the basics of photo editing. Wonderful app! Thank You!

great app

This app is a great filter for my photos. you should use it. do not worry about the price. its great that the developers have it for free. You do not betray the developer.

This app is fantastic

This is exactly what I was looking for in a photo editor. It had a quick and easy tutorial at the start to get me oriented and then I was able to edit my own photos with ease. It isn’t overly complicated and it gets the job done!

Really good filters and editing

I uploaded a photo I took and used the built in filters and lighting tools to make a really cool looking picture. It’s a great app, it’s better editing photos than most other programs and is a great tool if you want to put a picutre on instagram or something.


I really love this app. I feel like a lot of the photos I take are really cool, but just lack the right amount of color and light to make them look even better. This app has definitely taken my photos to the next level with the amazing, unique filters that it has. I really love the fact that you can tweak your photo and play around with the colors. I highly recommend this to any photographer or anyone who wants to make their pictures amazing!

Makes Photos Gorgeous!

I have been lookiing for a program like this for such a long time. Every other app is either so complicated and hard to use or doesnt work they way you want it to. Polarr was the first app that was so easy to use and created beautiful photos! Honestly, you have to try it to believe it!

Splendid App!

Polarr is by far the best photo editor app I have ever used! It has a gorgeous interface and is so easy to use. In the end, every photo turns out great. I Definately reccommend it to everyone who wants to make their photos look gorgeous!

You deserve it

I’ve been using polarr ever since their web version, then the iPhone/ipad app. Now there is finally MAC app for it. Can’t wait to try it out!

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